About Mactumbo

About us

Mactumbo.com.au is an online business directory which allows businesses of all kinds and all levels to communicate with their potential customers and other businesses at absolutely no cost. Mactumbo does not charge its users to register and advertise online although some features will be advertised at a small cost. Mactumbo helps business in effectively representing their brands, businesses and products or services to an audience that is increasing day by day.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, we started out with a vision to help businesses grow at practically no cost and there is no better way to get some much-needed exposure for your business than to register at mactumbo.com.au, fill in the necessary details and let your brand shine among the stars. This directory gives you the opportunity to advertise your product or service for free – no strings attached.

This is a blossoming opening especially for startups and budding entrepreneurs who are on a budget and are always in the hunt for ways they can advertise their business for free. However, it does not meant that the directory is only limited to startups rather it provides an equally good chance for established companies and organizations to generate some extra leads and introduce some of their new launches for free.

Our free online directory brings a host of benefits for those who opt to use it. Our business directory has good running traffic on their website with actual people visiting the site for a variety of different reasons. This gives businesses the chance to introduce themselves to a host of potential customers who might be looking for exactly the product or service that you provide. This increases the chance of generating high quality leads and also brings a number of sales for your business.

We chose to be a free business directory instead of a paid one because we feel that adopting the freemium model is more in line with our vision as it allows more businesses to join and make use of the exposure they get. We pledge to keep true to our goals and level the playing field for all upcoming and well-established organizations in order to ensure that everybody benefits and gets an equal chance to reach out to customers.

We reaffirm our commitment and intention, and vow that we will keep updating the directory, make it as user-friendly as possible and allow the free advertising of all businesses and their products totally free forever. In the end, we would like to welcome you to join our online business directory and wish you the very best in your venture.